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Maritime industry
Norway will remain an international maritime superpower, pioneering the transition to a low-carbon future by developing, building and using zero-emission solutions and autonomous vessels.
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (2022). Roadmap - The green industrial initiative.

The maritime industry plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade and contributing to global economic development. As technological advancements and environmental challenges evolve, the industry must adapt accordingly. A report from Menon Economics highlights a significant disparity between the global and Norwegian fleets in terms of sustainability. While only 5 percent of the world's fleet consists of low- or zero-emission vessels, the Norwegian-owned fleet boasts a much higher share at 24 percent.

Agder's Position

For over 50 years, Agder has been a world-leading hub for offshore technology, primarily serving the oil and gas sector. This deep-rooted expertise is now proving invaluable in the transition to low- and zero-emission ships, positioning Agder at the forefront of the maritime industry's shift towards sustainability. The region's strengths include:

Diverse Expertise and Technology

  • Wide range of expertise in maritime, oil and gas, and energy sectors
  • Leading technology in logistics, ICT solutions, drilling, mooring, on- and off-loading, and cranes

Global Reach and Partnerships

  • Extensive experience working with international customers, including major companies like Aker BP, Repsol, Lundin Norway, OMV (Norge) AS, Alcoa, Halliburton, and Equinor

Agder's Maritime Leaders

Agder is home to a diverse range of maritime companies, each playing a crucial role in shaping the industry's sustainable future:

  • Sea1 Offshore : Operates and manages a fleet of 26 vessels designed for challenging environments, with four global offices and a headquarters in Kristiansand, Agder.
  • OSM Thome: Founded in Arendal, Agder in 1989, it provides ship and crew management services globally, managing around 1000 vessels with 30+ offices worldwide.
  • Gard: The world's leading marine insurer, covering about 50% of the global merchant fleet, with headquarters in Arendal and offices in 13 locations.
  • GCE NODE: An industry-driven cluster for ocean technologies based in Agder, comprising over 120 companies in the oil & gas, offshore, energy, and maritime industries, supported by a network of engineering, ICT solutions, logistics, and business services providers.

Members of GCE Node include international drilling majors such as NOV , HMH , and SLB , in addition to leaders within offshore cranes, loading, and mooring, such as APL-NOV , MacGregor , and Nekkar . Large mechanical manufacturing companies and yards like NYMO , GOT , and UMOE , as well as renewable energy producers such as Å Energi , Arendals Fossekompani , Greenstat , and Equinor , are also part of the cluster.

These companies are supported by engineering, ICT solutions, logistics, and business services necessary to succeed in a global context.

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