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Norway aims to develop a comprehensive and profitable battery value chain, spanning from sustainable mineral extraction to battery recycling. We intend to become an attractive host for lucrative activities throughout the battery value chain, drawing significant battery investments and giga factories.
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (2022). Roadmap - The green industrial initiative.

Exciting Developments in Agder

Battery cell production is instrumental in advancing the energy transition, crucial for ensuring national and regional security interests, and establishing what is set to become a significant new export industry in Norway.

Morrow Batteries ASA is an industrial scale-up accelerating the energy transition with cost-effective and sustainable batteries. In 2022, the company reported a revenue of nearly 55 million NOK.

Currently, Morrow Batteries is constructing a gigafactory in Arendal, set to be operational in 2024. The company employs 182 people and plans to hire an additional 50-70 employees in 2024. 

Morrow is fully European-owned and integrated into European R&D and industrial networks. Its owners include Siemens, ABB, the Danish pension fund PKA, the Norwegian state's climate investment company Nysnø Climate Investments, Norwegian environmental company Noah, and the Norwegian renewable energy company Å Energi.

In 2024, Morrow will inaugurate the first battery cell factory in Arendal, Southern Norway. From 2028, the company aims to produce 43 gigawatt hours annually.

The factory will be the nexus of the so called Battery Coast, directly employing 2,500 people and generating a similarly significant number of additional local jobs. 

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