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City Hall Quarter
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/ Kristiansand University City

Kristiansand is a "small city" - here you have all the things you could want in a city - varied cultural offerings, shopping opportunities, reliable public transportation, parks, and not least, a wide range of educational opportunities in everything from music and pedagogy to mechatronics and international communication - all in a local southern package.

As Norway's southernmost student city, Kristiansand offers plenty of good weather and southern idyll. Here you will find great cultural experiences and beautiful nature - but Kristiansand is of course more than just Captain Sabertooth and ice cream. When the summer vacation is over and 10,000 students arrive for a new study day, Kristiansand will not only be a wonderful place to enjoy warm, sunny days. It will be a student city. 

The educational institutions have a tradition of close ties to the business community - this is key to providing students with a strong education that is relevant to the market and gives them a competitive advantage in the future. With its 10,000 students, Kristiansand has a vibrant student life. Whether you are interested in student politics, band music, lacrosse, or simply meeting people from all over the world, there is an organization in Kristiansand for you. On the website of the Student Organization in Agder you can see an overview of all the different student organizations registered at the University of Agder. In addition, the city also has independent leisure clubs galore, whether it is sports and leisure, art and culture, or volunteering in general, there is always something new to try. Kristiansand has a rich cultural life within and outside the educational institutions. The university's own students regularly offer lunchtime concerts, and every year all the graduation performances of the music and art students are held as a separate art festival called UiArt. Kristiansand also has a number of theaters, concerts, festivals and other exciting events, with Kilden Theater and Concert Hall as the crowning glory. Here you can enjoy both new and well-known plays, opera productions, symphonic concerts, comedy shows and rock concerts. 

The University of Agder's Kristiansand campus differs from many Norwegian universities in that it is built in the American style. The campus, which is a 20-minute walk from the city center, is built as a campus, meaning that all faculties are gathered in one area. The result is an intimate campus where students from all faculties can meet on the large university lawn, and where the Student Welfare Association of Agder's student housing is a stone's throw away from the nearest lecture hall. 

Kristiansand is a relatively cheap place to live compared to many other student cities, and it does not get any cheaper than what Studentsamskipnaden i Agder offers. With close to 1,500 housing places, there is room for many at SiA. They are also the reason why UiA Kristiansand has Norway's finest campus canteen (voted in 2016), in addition to a cozy university kindergarten and bookstore.