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"Norway will have the world's most sustainable forestry. Bioresources from sea and land will be used for climate-friendly and profitable products including biofuels, and will contribute to the development of industrial jobs and long value chains in Norway."
Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (2022). Roadmap - The green industrial initiative.

The bioeconomy, encompassing the production and conversion of renewable biological resources into food, feed, bio-based products, and bioenergy, is a rapidly growing sector worldwide. It offers a sustainable alternative to fossil-based industries and has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Agder boasts significant bioresources from land and sea, providing a solid foundation for increased sustainable value creation. Norway's annual lumber production exceeds the domestic industry's demand, with the surplus primarily exported to Sweden, Germany, and Latvia.

Agder's Standouts

Agder's bioeconomy sector features several initiatives that are driving innovation and sustainability in the region. Here are a couple of standouts. 

Biozin: In collaboration with Equinor, Biozin is exploring the possibility of establishing an advanced sustainable biofuel production facility in Agder. If realized, the production facility will convert forest residues, low-quality logs and sawmill by-products into sustainable and advanced biofuel.

InnoTre: Innotre is a business cluster with members across the entire value chain, from forest to finished products, is headquartered in Agder. This forward-looking organization aims to showcase a sustainable industry, fostering trust, openness, learning, and innovation.

A Thriving Bioeconomy Sector

Agder is home to 284 businesses within the bioeconomy sector, characterized by a high degree of professional expertise and Norwegian ownership. The lumber industry alone employs approximately 4,239 people and generated a total turnover of 8.6 billion Norwegian kroner in 2021.

Investing in Agder's bioeconomy is pivotal for forging a more sustainable future. By establishing eco-friendly value chains and capitalizing on the region's biological resources, investors can contribute to the growth of this rapidly expanding sector and support the transition towards a greener economy.

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