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/ U40

Business Region Kristiansand and the Chamber of Commerce took the initiative to create a meeting place and arena for young workers. Since 2019, U40 has developed into a resource group in the Business Association.

The business association aims to give young workers a voice in the development of the region and its businesses, and to help prepare for future generations by bringing the region's decision-makers and the future workforce closer together.

U40 will be the hub for active civic and business-minded working people under 40 years of age. The aim is to make the region more attractive to young workers.

The group will have a positive impact on business by

  • Be the voice of young people and communicate what should be done to create an attractive region for young workers. U40 will build structures that ensure young people's visibility in, and impact on, the business community over time.
  • Highlight the breadth of opportunities in the region, and contribute to dialog between different actors.
  • Create an arena where young adults with career ambitions and curiosity can meet, receive professional development, be inspired by each other and cheer each other on.

Why is there a need for U40?

  • Promoting and highlighting the strengths of the region
    U40 will highlight the region's opportunities and strengths to younger workers in order to attract and retain skilled labor. A message from young workers is more credible to their own target group and can help to get the message across to decision-makers in the region. Advocacy can help to improve reputation, increase gender equality, reduce unemployment and improve living conditions.
  • Diversity, inclusion and equality
    Diversity is a prerequisite for development in businesses and is essential to attract and retain the best minds. U40 is a network for young workers regardless of gender, orientation, beliefs or nationality. U40 is the business community of the future and it is diverse and inclusive.
  • Professional development and networking
    Professional development and networking are important elements for personal and professional development. U40 will contribute to skills enhancement through professional meeting places where experience is shared and networking opportunities are provided.

The U40 network provides a platform for younger workers to grow and develop into committed business leaders of the future.

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