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/ Skagerrak Business Summit 2019

Join us when we gather Norwegian and Danish business people in Kristiansand to gain new industry-specific knowledge within artificial intelligence and sustainability, and to create business opportunities across the Skagerrak on November 12, 2019. November 12, Hotel Raisson Blu Caledonien, Vestre Strandgate 7, 4610 Kristiansand, Norway

This year, we are focusing on sustainability and artificial intelligence - two areas that are increasingly important for the future of business. In just a few years, sustainability has become an unavoidable condition that also offers many exciting opportunities for differentiation and profiling. For most people, artificial intelligence probably still has a touch of "science fiction" about it - but the concrete benefits are not as far in the future as we think.

Cutting-edge knowledge and practice

Come and hear about exciting new knowledge and concrete, innovative projects in the two professional sectors: maritime and construction. The program will feature presentations from some of the most innovative companies and leading researchers in Denmark and Norway. There will thus be a concrete and direct insight into developments in these sectors. The speakers are also available for the matchmaking part, and of course for networking throughout the conference.


Networking is crucial for the cooperation between Norway and Denmark - and for your benefit from the conference. To further support the networking part, we will again this year organize matchmaking in the form of 1:1 speed dating meetings of 3 x 20 minutes where you have the opportunity to get in direct contact with potential partners and/or customers. Once you have registered for the conference, you will receive information on how to register for the matchmaking.

Who is the conference aimed at?

The conference is for those who are involved in cooperation between Norway and Denmark, and for those who are interested in - and want to get the latest knowledge about - sustainability and artificial intelligence. The conference has a commercial focus with a clear goal for the participants to develop new trade relations between Norway and Denmark.


08.30 Registration and breakfast
09.00 Welcome by Mayor Harald Furre, Kristiansand Municipality
09.10 Presentation of today's program and concept by Trond Madsen, Ass. Director, NHO
09.15 Cooperation across the Skagerrak by Aud Kolberg, Norwegian Ambassador to Denmark and Jarl Frijs-Madsen, Danish Ambassador to Norway
09.35 Work, happiness and artificial intelligence by Morten Goodwin, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Agder.
10.10 Sustainability in practice by Kim Nøhr Skibsted, CEO of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation

10.45 Networking break

11.00 Optional session 1

12.00 Lunch/Arranged matchmaking at multi-person tables with "table leader"

13.00 Arranged matchmaking in the form of 1:1 meetings of 3 x 20 minutes

14.00 Optional session 2

15.00 Networking break         

15.30 Optional session 3

16.30 Profit is a poor word for success v. Nicoline Olesen, Partner, B Corp
16.45 Summary by Trond Madsen, Ass. Director, NHO
16.50 Entertainment by Det norske Brenneri - lecture and tasting

17.30 Festive dinner Club with facilitator Lars Bech
21.00 Thank you for today - and closing


Optional session 1

The maritime: shipbuilding in Norway - new types and trends, and hydrogen projects by Lars Gørvell-Dahll, Maritime Industry Manager, Norwegian Industry

  • Sustainable social development places new demands on shipbuilding by Rolf Fiskerstrand, CEO Fiskerstrand Holding A/S and Fiskerstrand Verft and the design company Multi Maritime. Based on Fiskerstrand's HYBRID ship project, the entire process from concept to realization with the challenges, both technical and societal, that have arisen.
  • Electrification of ferries with fuel cells and hydrogen by Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard, Business Development Director, Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S. Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S in Hobro develops emission-free fuel cells for ships and port equipment. Kristina will present project examples from the first hydrogen-powered ferries in Norway and Scotland.

Construction: sustainable construction by Søren Skipper Frandsen, Business Aalborg

  • The Finansparken construction project by Else Marie Johnson, General Manager. Sustainable building. Beech is replacing steel in Stavanger, where SR-bank's new building in Finansparken is currently being completed. Finansparken, which will be completed in the fall of 2019, is one of Europe's largest commercial buildings in solid wood and meets the BREEAM standard.
  • Transnational wooden buildings by Reinhard Kropf, Helen and Hard, Architect
  • New collaboration models increase competitiveness v. Arnt Aske, Skandia Smarthus. The technology company Skandia Smarthus offers solutions in solar energy and electricity savings. Come and hear how the company creates value through digitalization and collaboration - and how trust, mutual learning and good timing have created the basis for faster and better results.


Optional session 2

The maritime: offshore wind development, emissions, energy (hydrogen), and simulation of safety and efficiency by Lars Gørvell-Dahll, Maritime Industry Manager, Norwegian Industry

  • Offshore wind development, issues and energy v. David Ottesen, Director of Offshore Wind at Norwegian Energy Partners. This presentation will illustrate the current developments in the growing offshore wind industry. Maritime solutions, projects and trends.
  • New simulation tools for optimizing the safety and efficiency of ship calls in offshore wind farms by Jacob Michelsen, Senior Specialist, FORCE Technology. FORCE Technology has long developed simulation programs and training for ship navigation. This has now been extended to support the growing offshore wind industry. This post shows how it is done, and what the effect is.

Construction: construction and artificial intelligence by Søren Skipper Frandsen, Business Aalborg

  • AI for Making Happy Citizens by Håkon Iversen, Marketing and Development Manager, Smart Cities and Buildings, COWI. Kristiansand Municipality has set out a vision for how artificial intelligence, new technology and engineering and IT competencies can revolutionize the construction industry and urban development in the municipality.
  • Consequences and opportunities with artificial intelligence v. Håkon Reisvang, I4 Technology. Get an overview of the consequences and opportunities that artificial intelligence and exponential computing power can have for the construction industry.
  • Data-driven operation and design of buildings based on IoT sensors by Peter Weitzmann, NCC. IoT sensors can be used to collect data on a building's consumption, usage and indoor climate, while it is in operation. This data can be used to visualize and validate operations - and provide valuable input for optimization opportunities. At the same time, the same data can be used to better design the next building. In this presentation, Peter Weitzmann explains NCC's approach to data collection and provides examples of learning in relation to both operations and design.


Optional session 3

The maritime: new expansive maritime service concepts by Erik Møller, Maritime Consultant & Project Manager, MARCOD

  • Transition to new expansive service concepts by CEO Dag Songedal, Viking Norsafe & Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S. In recent years, Viking Life-Saving Equipment has changed its business concept so that they deliver Safety and Compliance to a greater extent instead of equipment. Thus, they themselves are the owner of the equipment. Their journey is interesting for the entire maritime industry.
  • Pumps for free! Big business in retrofitting maritime pumping systems with high energy and environmental efficiency. v. Jacob Schwerin, Head of Service, DESMI Pumping Technology. DESMI Pumping Technology has built up a retrofit business based on the replacement of pumping systems with frequency-controlled pumps with large energy and emission savings - and offers ongoing payment in proportion to the energy savings.

Build: beyond the standards v. Søren Skipper Frandsen, Business Aalborg

  • Use strategy and continual improvements as tools v. Steinar Roppen Olsen, Aust Agder Fylkeskommunen, developer of Tvedestrand Videregående Skole.We can always do a little better! This is the starting point for Aust-Agder County Municipality's strategic and sustainable work on the construction of Tvedestrand Videregående Skole.
  • From thought to action by Veidekke, main contractor, Tvedestrand project. In connection with the Tvedestrand project, Veidekke has worked concretely to realize the County Council's visions for sustainable solutions - and will talk about experiences and considerations for the building of the future.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing - now and in the future by Kåre Tinning, Head of Department, Niras. Hear how Niras uses and makes the UN's 17 SDGs tangible in the projects and get an idea of what the future form of cooperation may look like.

Participation fee: Cluster members kr. 1200,- + VAT
Participation fee: Others kr. 1800,- +VAT.

The conference is a collaboration between, among others, Aalborg, Hjørring and Kristiansand municipalities by Business Region Kristiansand, NHO Agder, Innovation Norway, Digin, Maritimt Forum Sør, GCE NODE and Næringsforeningen i Kristiansandsregionen.