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/ Join an educational and exciting delegation trip to China

We would like to invite interested companies to participate in a trip to China under the auspices of Business Region Kristiansand (BRK). We connect with the royal couple's visit and delegation in Beijing with various business seminars, while we will have a separate program in Qingdao. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping has invited the Norwegian royal couple to visit China in the fourth quarter of 2018. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently discussing dates with the Chinese authorities, and the visit is scheduled to take place in week 42, from October 15 to 19. The BRK delegation will participate on the 15th and 16th and then proceed to Qingdao by train on 17 October, where there will be a separate program. The proposed program is below. This has not yet been finally confirmed. GCE NODE is part of the planning group for the program in Qingdao. 

Kristiansand municipality and BRK want to create better opportunities for our companies that see China as a possible market for their technology, goods and services. The trip will be an important contribution to this. 

We ask interested businesses to respond to the BRK as soon as possible. 


The Chinese port city of Qingdao has invited Mayor Harald Furre together with representatives from business, port, university and R&D to visit the city in October.

Qingdao is the main city in Shandong province on the Yellow Sea or East China Sea and has a population of around 9 million. About 6 million in the most urban part of the city.

The government has planned and is currently developing and building the "Ocean Tec Valley" just north of the city of Qingdao in a 450km2 area that will contain 5 cities and an entire ecosystem of basic research, R&D, innovation, patents, cooperation and trade in ocean space technology.

A new knowledge park, Qingdao West Coast New Area, is under development and construction west of Qingdao. The city and authorities are also investing heavily in developing knowledge and technology for industrial production, passive houses and smart energy solutions in buildings, as well as smart city technology in a broader sense in another area west of Qingdao.

Technology, robotization and automation with regard to industrial production are areas of focus. Germany, Switzerland, France, Finland, the United Kingdom, Japan and Korea have established centers in this economic zone. Germany in particular is at the heart of a joint initiative with Qingdao


The program for the state visit is prepared in cooperation between the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Innovation Norway. 

Information on the program and practical details will be posted here.

The Research Council has a funding scheme for companies or R&D institutions with ongoing or recently completed projects in the Research Council's industry-oriented portfolio. The travel support is intended to cover direct costs related to travel and accommodation in connection with bilateral meetings aimed at identifying potential partners for future bilateral, industry-oriented projects. You can read more about this here.

Proposed program for China trip

Below is a draft program with a recommended itinerary with two alternative departure dates. A third option is to travel directly to Qingdao on 17.10 for those who do not wish to participate in Beijing.

12.10: For those who want a weekend in Beijing. Departure from Kjevik 16:10 via Copenhagen to Beijing with SAS. Arrival Beijing October 13 at 11:55 local time.

14.10: Departure from Kjevik 16:10 to via Copenhagen to Beijing with SAS. Arrival Beijing October 15 at 11:55 local time.

15.10: - Arrival Beijing

- Transportation to the hotel (Opposite Hotel or Swissotel) and check-in

The local delegation from Kristiansand and Agder will meet at a suitable location at the hotel before departing for the "Get together" in Beijing with the entire Norwegian delegation.

16.10: Program in Beijing (see Innovation Norway's agenda proposal in the link above!)

17.10: Departure by high-speed train from Beijing to Qingdao. Travel time about 4h45 min. Suggested departure from Beijing at 09.35 and arrival in Qingdao at 14.12.

- Check in at Hotel InterContinental

- Joint opportunity for some sightseeing in the city and joint dinner in the evening.

18.10: Program in Qingdao - not finalized, but below is a draft

- Visiting local authorities and chamber of commerce

- Qingdao International Economic Cooperation Zone, Qingdao West Coast New Area:

Pillar industry: automobile, machine manufacturing, home appliance and electronics, shipping logistics, ship building and marine engineering, petrochemical -2015 emerging industries: new generation information technology, general aviation, life and health, energy conservation and environment protection, new material, marine biology, technology and service, culture creativity, blue economy, tourism

- Joint dinner

19.10: Visit Ocean Tec Valley where, among others, the following businesses are located:

  • National level marine scientific research institutions:
  • Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology,
  • National Deep-sea Base,
  • National Center for Marine Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection,
  • First Oceanographic Institute of State Oceanic Administration,
  • Qingdao Marine Institute of Geology,
  • Ministry of Land and Resources,
  • National Ocean Technology Center (Qingdao)
  • Marine Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Universities under establishment in Oceacn Tec Valley: Shandong University, Tianjing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Sichuang UniversityCentral Academy of Fine Art,Australian National University, Canadian University of Montreal,

 Joint lunch and dinner

20.10. Return to Norway or to Beijing for those who are going further or possibility of a separate program in Qingdao for those who want to stay until Saturday evening or Sunday. 

Important information

BRK books train tickets and hotel rooms for everyone in Beijing and Qingdao. The individual pays for their own hotel room at check-out. BRK does not book airline tickets - that is done by each individual