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City Hall Quarter
Rådhusgata 18 - 2nd floor
4611 Kristiansand

Our beautiful cities

Agder is Norway's southernmost county

Norway is located in the north of Europe and has 5.5 million inhabitants. Oslo is the capital and has the largest population. The European country is a democratic kingdom. Norway is not a member of the EU, but of the EEA and Schengen. 

Agder is the southernmost county in the country and has 316,000 inhabitants. Kristiansand is the largest city in the county with 112,000 inhabitants.
Relocation Agder performs its services throughout the county. Our partners have headquarters in Arendal, Grimstad, Kristiansand and Flekkefjord. Read more about our beautiful cities by selecting from the buttons above. 

Living and experiencing

Here you can read more about our beautiful region. The most common and typical outdoor activity among Norwegians is hiking in the mountains and nature, or Sunday walks in the local area. Cross-country skiing is mandatory in winter.
To plan your trip, both in summer and winter, the website or app of the Norwegian Hiking Association (DNT) will help you plan your trip, where you can choose between Norwegian, English, German or French language options.
DNT has 550 cabins across Norway, and a network of 22,000 km of marked hiking trails and about 7,000 km of ski trails.

Kristiansand Dyrepark

Kristiansand Dyrepark is a stunningly beautiful combined animal and amusement park outside Kristiansand. The park officially opened in 1966 and has since developed into the second most visited tourist attraction in Norway after Holmenkollen. Here you can experience animals from all over the world, water parks and the Norwegian fairy tales up close. 

The park is open all year round, but with limited services in winter. During the school summer vacation, all attractions are open and many shows are performed daily. 


The county has several popular educational institutions, including the University of Agder and Noroff.  


There are three public hospitals in the county, all belonging to Sørlandet Hospital. They are located in Arendal, Kristiansand and Flekkefjord.

Emergency numbers

  • Ambulance: 113

  • Police: 112

  • Fire: 110

  • Emergency services: 116 117


Public Transport

When traveling to or from our region, you can use planes, trains, buses or ferries to either Denmark or Germany.

Car leasing

Leasing cars for an extended period without a social security number or financial history in Norway can be challenging. 

If you need a rental car or leasing of a car, you can contact local car dealer Gumpen, who can offer favorable deals based only on written confirmation from your employer. Book here or send an e-mail to Kenneth Abrahamsen or call (+47) 456 64566. The car can easily be picked up at the airport in Kristiansand if needed. Please note: your insurance company in your home country will keep a document showing your possible previous accident history in traffic. We recommend that you bring this document with you to Norway, some car dealers or insurance companies will ask for it before giving you a price. Also remember to check the validity of your driver's license in Norway.