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Health and safety

Your smooth transition to life in Norway is our priority. On this page, we have therefore gathered the most essential contact information for health and safety. 

As part of our services, we offer a welcome meeting that provides you with all the necessary practical information you need for a smooth relocation. However, there is some frequently requested information that you may want to know right from the start.

Norway consistently ranks high on global safety indices and has a low crime rate. However, accidents and emergencies can occur. If you need urgent assistance, please call the following national emergency numbers:

Fire Department

In an emergency, the 110 center can also contact an ambulance and the police if necessary.


Please call 113 if the situation is critical and you suspect that it is a matter of life and death. 


Please call 112 for the police. If the matter is not urgent, please use the telephone number 02800.

What about the emergency room or crisis center?

If you find yourself in a health situation that is less urgent but requires attention, please call the emergency room on 116 117. The emergency room is open all the time, including nights, weekends and public holidays. 

Do you need to find a crisis center near you? Krisesentersekretariatet is an independent umbrella organization for shelters in Norway. The crisis centers offer protection, safety, advice and guidance to adults and children.

How about a general practitioner?

Everyone who is registered as resident in Norway is entitled to a general practitioner (GP). The doctor will be assigned to you after you have received your personal identity number in Norway. If you need to talk to a doctor before you have received your social security number, please use the emergency room. 

What about mental health or workplace issues?

16 123 is a free, 24-hour telephone service for anyone who needs someone to talk to. You can remain anonymous and they have a duty of confidentiality. The phone is open every day, all year round, including public holidays.

Have you been laid off or lost your job? Are you having difficulties at work, or are you worried about an employee or colleague? Please call 225 66 700 if you have questions about working life and discuss the matter anonymously with trained advisors.

What if I'm in an emergency and don't know my location?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the emergency center where you are. In such cases, we recommend everyone to download the app below, called Help 113.